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3D Artwork Resources

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Distributed Computing Projects

  • BOINC - A general program that includes many projects
  • - A general website collecting other projects
  • Distributed Particle Accelerator Design - Simulate new particle accelerator designs
  • GalaxyZoo - Classify the SDSS galaxy catalog
  • LHC@Home - Provide simulations for the Large Hadron Collider
  • Mersenne - Search for larger Mersenne prime numbers
  • Fold-It - Try to make better protein foldings
  • Kaggle - (Not a DCP) Competitions to improve machine learning algorithms.
  • Gridcoin - Get paid to do distributed computing
  • Monopole Quest - Search through LHC data for signs of a magnetic monopole or other exotic particles.



Web Design & Programming:

  • Webify - commercial site for scripts and widgets

Mindless Piffle: